Tuesday, February 9

amazing prayers

Once the Super Bowl started on Sunday, I knew I'd be sitting for the next few hours with the exception of taking a break during the halftime program.  Why you ask?  Because I really do enjoy watching football and I didn't want to leave when the infamous commercials were on.  It was great not to be disappointed in either manner.  The game was close for the most part and the commercials brought a chuckle.

But the commercial that caught my eye was the one announcing a new season of The Amazing Race.  We tend to be sporadic watchers of that show because of when it is typically shown and our general forgetfulness to remember when it is on, but it is fun to watch.  

And I can't help but think every single time I watch it that my oldest daughter and one of my sons should have entered to be a team.  They would be an amazing team!  They are athletic, creative, crafty, competitive, feisty, and each love a good challenge.  Plus they would love flying all over the world.  They have always gotten along well together and could work well at a team using their individual talents.  It would have been cool, although I suppose God spared me the heart pitter pattering that would have taken place as I wondered where they were flying and whether or not they were okay as they took on the challenges of The Amazing Race. 

But alas, I don't see this happening in the future as life goes on and the older ones have followed their individual paths which don't include television adventure game shows. Nope.  They are instead using all those same wonderful God given characteristics as they tackle life in professions which they love.  As a parent, could there be anything more amazing?  

My hope for each one as they leave the nest is that they go with a heart that will love and serve God wherever they are and that they will have a profession or role that they will enjoy as it stretches them.  So far so good.  

But there's still five here who are learning and growing and maturing.  How important it is to continue praying for their futures!  

And how important it is for me to remind those of you with little ones at your feet to stretch your prayers from asking the Lord to just get you through the day to asking the Lord to help you guide your children and encourage them in areas of their life that will be a vital part of their futures.  To pray that their childlike faith of today will grow into a maturing faith of tomorrow.  To pray that their gifts and talents will be encouraged to grow to be used in their futures.  To pray that your mother's love and care of today will lead them to more fully understand God's unconditional love and care for all their days.  

Amazing prayers which will carry our children through lives which have the potential of being amazing as they love and serve God through the paths He takes them on.

May you look further down your garden path and cover your children with amazing prayers!

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ChiGirl said...

This brought a smile to face, because during that same commercial your son and I were like: Let's do the Amazing Race! But he didn't want to do it with me or I with him, we wanted to be on different teams to compete against each other. LOL!!

And BTW, if there was ever a Survivor:Family edition. Our family would TOTALLY win!! :)

Good post, and good reminders. Thanks! Love you!

Mrs. E. said...

Yes, ChiGirl. . the D family team, I want to see it!! We've enjoyed that show in the past too.
Good thoughts.
PRaying for the days further down our garden path.

mom said...

Yes, you two would have to be on separate teams as you are too competitive with one another! Perhaps a common occurrence with a firstborn and an only? *wink*

Ohhhh, I don't know if we'd ever survive a family team. The thought overwhelms me! LOL!

Tammy ~@~

keri said...

mom, we'd be ah-mazing. you know it!! lol!! maybe we'll have to create our own survivor of sorts this summer sometime... ;)

mom said...

Ohhhhhh, that would be kind of fun, wouldn't it? Up at the cabin? Maybe some scavenger hunt kind of stuff, too. Dad would know some really good hiding places. Maybe finding pieces of puzzles. Canoes required for part of it. Form some teams. Good prize at the end. Great...now I'm REALLY gonna get nothing else done today while I ponder on this a bit more! LOL!

Love you!
Mom :-)

mom said...

Ohhhh, the 4th is on a weekend this year....maybe that would be a good time to try such an adventure if everyone is home?

(As you can see, I am apparently not cleaning the house for Bible study here tonight :-P)

Love you,

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