Saturday, February 6

catching a quilt

Some things in life are taught, some things are caught.

My love for quilting was definitely a caught kind of thing.  I grew up playing under my grandmother's quilt frame while she and my mom were tying a quilt.  When I became a mom myself, soon I found myself tying quilts with my mom at her house.  The day I received my own set of crib sized quilt frames made by my step-dad was one of great joy since I wouldn't have to keep borrowing my mom's all the time.  When she passed away, I then inherited her large quilt frames.  So my older children grew up under my mom's quilt frames - and she often let them help a little bit - and my younger children have grown up under my quilt frames.

Although there's been times women have asked to watch a quilt come together and be put on the frames, I hesitate to share this craft for I really have no idea "how" to really do a quilt.  I've only learned by watching and catching what my grandma and mom have done.  Someday I'd love to take quilting classes and see how much of my knowledge is accurate and how much more I could learn to make my quilting perhaps easier. 

It was recently a surprise to hear my oldest daughter tell me about her first quilting adventure.  She had wanted a throw quilt for their living room couch and made her way to the fabric store to pick out a combination of fabrics she loved.  Throughout the project she'd call for a tip or two and off she went learning as she sewed, tying her quilt in a unique manner (she has no frames), then sewing the hem.  

I could not help but smile when she sent me a picture of the final product!  I'm so proud of her!  And the tradition of caught not taught quilting has continued  within my family.

Perhaps this is on my mind as I put a quilt onto my smaller frames this morning.  It will primarily be tied with a little hand quilting and shouldn't take long to do.  The hem will be hand sewn and should be a nice thing to work on over the weekend.  There's nothing like hand hemming a quilt as it keeps your lap warm on cold winter days!

May the children in your garden catch relaxing hobbies that you enjoy! 

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Letitia said...

How great Tammy! And special.
Thank you for always checking on me. I would be more than happy for you to email me. Did I see you mention one time that Facebook? If so, I am on there everyday, and you can email me for my full name.

Have a warm, beautiful week!

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