Monday, February 1

come as you are

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of homeschooling has been watching how my children dress each day, particularly the little ones.  We have no dress code here, so the choice is up to them as long as they come dressed for the day when they arrive at the kitchen table for devotions in the morning. 
It's brought to mind some observations through the years and if you'd like to learn more, please stop over at Heart of the Matter Online and read my article "Come as you are"

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Kimmie said...

So cute...but she'd freeze at our house...brrrrr.


The Learning Center said...

Ohhh...she is so cute!!! I love the idea but I think DH will have to approve it first. It might shocked him if the girls come down in gowns, LOL.
Your post just made my heart lighter. Thanks!

mom said...

Don't worry, Kimmie, as that picture wasn't taken recently. She would freeze now in our house, too, with this cold weather!

Ruth, you made me smile!

Tammy ~@~

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