Friday, February 12

crispy veggies

A surprising hit at a recent women's gathering at church was.....vegetable chips!  While I was out and about doing some shopping yesterday, we stopped at a wonderful natural foods store to pick up a couple of things and I saw bags of these vegetable chips for sale instantly picking one up to take home.
I poured them into a bowl knowing my food grazing children would be curious enough to try them.  And they did with very mixed reviews.  My hopes that this crispy snack would be another successful way of getting more vegetables into my children have weakened.  Perhaps this is just a good snack for adults who have learned that vegetables are really good for you in whatever form?

Have you tried them yet?

Tammy ~@~


Nezzy said...

No, but they look quite interesting. I'm gonna check it out next trip to the Health Food Store.

God bless and have a fun Valentine's Day!!!

ValleyGirl said...

Haha, with enough fattening dip, ANYTHING tastes good!!!!

I've never actually seen those before. Interesting.

Mrs. E. said...

Just tried them a few days ago! Very tasty!! Great replacement for the potato chip.
Have a great weekend.
And thanks for the encouraging comments on my blog!!

mom said...

They are interesting and evidently the new hip thing! Tammi, my kids would definitely eat lots of these WITH DIP! LOL! I haven't purchased them yet from the local natural foods store, so I'll have to try those, too, to see if they all use the same vegetables for these mixes. There are some veggies that don't taste as good as others....just sayin'

Tammy ~@~

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