Wednesday, February 10

a gallon of surprise

Grocery shopping is my job around here primarily because I am able to stay within our tight budget and keep junk food to a minimum which is primarily why the kids love it when Dad needs to pick up something up for me at the grocery store because the phrase "tight budget" tends to NOT be part of his vocabulary and he always picks up some kind of item that mom would say is definitely junk food.  

But I digress.

This morning when I had to make a quick stop at the grocery store after Bible study to pick up some saltines and cheese to go with our soup supper, I stalled out in the milk aisle as I reached for a gallon of regular ol' milk.  For lo and behold, they had chocolate milk in the gallon size ON SALE.  Over a dollar off per gallon.  In other words, even less than regular ol' milk.

So, mama tight budget stood there for a moment or two debating whether or not to buy one or to buy a couple of gallons of the regular ol' milk and let the kids use some chocolate syrup, that is, if they even ventured a thought about a glass of chocolate milk.  

Do I? Don't I?

Let's just say there was dancing in the kitchen when the gallon of real chocolate milk entered through the door when I got home.  Yes, actual dancing! 

Don't you love how easy it is to make our children happy with little surprises which don't take a lot of time or expense or effort?  It was a good reminder to myself to do more of that spontaneous kind of thing.

May you find little ways to surprise those you love as you go though your garden days!

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ValleyGirl said...

Why IS bought chocolate milk more of a treat than white milk with syrup or powder? I don't get it. But it just is.

There's dancing at my house on the RARE occasion when I bring some home, too!

mom said...

I think it's a bit thicker or richer than that little bit of chocolate syrup that mom allows in regular milk *wink* I'm sure it'll be gone by supper time....

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