Friday, February 19

hiding with fruit

One of my morning devotionals this week was based on Colossians 3:3 - "For you have died, and your life is hidden with Christ in God."  The devotional talked about different workers within the church body.  Some have labor that is quite evident to all and they emerge larger than life.  Others blend so wholly with others that you scarcely notice them.  It wasn't hard to see where I fit when I read this sentence:

"The nearer we come to Christ the more we are willing to be lost sight of in our fruit and let others be more prominent, while we are the glad and willing witnesses of our testimony, and hold up their hands by the silent ministry of love and prayer." ~ A. B. Simpson

My life has been blessed by those who wholeheartedly serve others in an eminent yet humble way with the gifts God has given them.  My life has been blessed by being able to wholeheartedly serve others in a quiet behind the scenes ministry of love and prayer.  One is not better than the other.  The key is drawing nearer to Christ and allowing the fruit to be the testimony and not ourselves whether we are out in front or supporting from behind.

It takes all parts to allow the body to work well and in harmony.  Wherever God has placed you, may you obediently serve!

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Nezzy said...

So very true. A hand cut off from the body is useless. It takes all our gifts put together to make up the whole body of Christ. Great post sister.

Have a fun day and a wonderfully blessed weekend!!!

The Learning Center said...

Beautifully written, Tammy. Thank you for sharing this. It made me content of where I am now and thankful for all who made up His Body.

For His glory,
Mrs. M

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