Tuesday, February 2

it's short

January, which is typically such a long month, is now over and we've moved on to the shortest month of the year.  Dear beloved February.
Although I knew the month would be starting out with a bang, I've been so so SO looking forward to a quieter month ahead.  And then a friend gently shook her head at me while telling me that the month was bound to fill up with activity and now I'm shaking my head as I find it to be true!   Suddenly there are several activities inviting me to attend and how did I forget that there are not one, not two, but THREE family birthdays this month?! 

Oh dear.

This short dear beloved February may go by much quicker than expected!

Guess I had better get busy!  What are your special plans for this month?

Tammy ~@~ 


ValleyGirl said...

The calendar does have a way of filling itself up, doesn't it?!

Most of our plans center around Valentine's Day ~ which happens to be our 13th wedding anniversary!! But it's also my cousin's wedding reception (he's been married to a Costa Rican girl for two years, but she was only FINALLY allowed to immigrate at Christmas), so my parents will be out for a long weekend. My husband won't actually be around that weekend, so we'll have to celebrate the anniversary either this coming weekend or wait until he's home again the 20/21 weekend.

And then on the 23rd, my mom's having some surgery, so my girls and I will be heading down to The Big City at the end of the month for a few days.

I suspect my February is going to fly by, too! (which isn't a bad thing because I'm really sick and tired of winter!!)

((haha, I hope you were serious about wanting to know what my February looked like!!))

mom said...

LOL! Yes, I did want to know or I wouldn't have asked!

And congratulations on the Valentine's anniversary :-) Your month will fly by with all the busyness.

Tammy ~@~

Dot O said...

Tammy, I've been a slacker with my blog visits... I am glad to see you looking well - your profile pic is lovely.

Yes, February has started to fill upon my end too. I know people tell us we will miss this stuff when the kids are grown and don't need us anymore. Some days you just feel like escaping, but then you find yourself thanking God for what the day provided...

mom said...

Dot! Good to see! You have been slacking in blog visiting as well and now will have to stop by and wave at you, too :-)

You know, you're only assured this moment, so make the most of it!

Tammy ~@~

stephseef said...

T - I'm turning 39 on the 23rd. That's all the drama I need for the month!

I have a 3 day gig in Nashville over the 25th with a new crew so I'm excited about that..

Otherwise, just holding down the fort and watching for signs of spring!!


mom said...

Steph, how exciting and now noted on my calendar :-) And ohhhhing and ahhhhing over your trip to Nashville! Very exciting! Good look though looking for those signs of spring...hee hee..

Tammy ~@~

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