Friday, February 26

Learning with Groucho

Since I typically blog first thing in the morning, I often forget about things that happen the day before and blog about things on my mind as I start my day.  Doing it this way could cause people to wonder if we really do homeschool, but we do.  Homeschooling for our family is perhaps more of a lifestyle thing that is a natural part of the daily flow of life.  We eat meals, we do laundry, we work on schooling, we let the dogs in and out, we play outside, etc.

But every once in awhile something happens during our homeschool day which sticks in my mind and makes me smile.  And that happened recently when I was correcting a test and found an incorrect answer.  When we run into something wrong, I always ask the student if they just randomly picked an answer or if they had a reason for picking their answer.  Doing it this way has occasionally turned up a wrong answer in a test key as we search the text reading or else reveals that there were several possible answers and they did not choose the best one.  

The recent multiple choice question that was wrong came from an American history test and the question was:

*Why did most Americans move West?

The student's answer was:

*to mine the rich silver and gold deposits 

When I questioned the answer, I expected the student to pull out her textbook.  Instead the instant reply was that was why they were traveling by train in the movie Go West. Yes, she based her answer on a Marx Brothers movie!

As I considered the large collection of Marx Brothers movies we own, it made me wonder how much of my children's learning has come from Groucho?  After all, they can all quote line after line after silly line from those movies!  Yup, I can hear it now.....all I learned, I learned from Groucho Marx and his brothers!  Yikes!

By the way, the correct answer IS:

*to seek new land and better opportunity for their families

I guess it's time for me to seek better learning opportunities for my children, eh?  LOL!

Enjoy your day even if you don't have bushy eyebrows and mustache!

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ChiGirl said...

LOL!!! THAT is hilarious!!! That calls for a toast to where we boys was born...Miiiiiiississippi.... LOL

keri said...

You have to admit, what better way to provide for your family than with gold!!!!!! ;) I'm pretty sure it would offer many opportunities for families that found it...

mom said...

Yes, it was very funny and I truly did laugh out loud when I heard the explanation! And, yes, it was a good answer, but not the BEST answer apparently...

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