Thursday, February 25

not chilly with chili

YAY!  Enough with the silly holidays!  Today is National Chili Day!  

Chili is one of our winter staple menu items and the main reason I can a bunch of tomatoes at the end of summer.  I love making chili because it is a menu item that does not need an exact recipe and it still tastes good.  Out of all our family, I only know of one child who isn't a huge fan of eating chili and will pick the chunks of tomatoes out.  Anyway, here's my rather loose chili recipe:


*2 to 3 quarts of canned chopped tomatoes
*2 to 3 quarts of water (it's my way of rinsing out the jars for the dishwasher)
*1 to 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef finely chopped, browned, and drained
*1 medium onion finely chopped and thrown in with the ground beef while browning
*1 to 2 cans of chili or kidney beans (or I've used other beans that I have on hand like black beans, etc.)
*A couple shakes of salt, pepper, and chili powder 

Typically while I'm browning the ground beef, the other ingredients are being put into the soup kettle in any order.    Once all assembled, simmer for a couple of hours.  I usually end up adding a bit more water toward the end of the cooking time because of the last additional item necessary for an upper midwest version of chili.....a couple handfuls of elbow macaroni (or other types of noodles) to simmer and cook the last thirty minutes before serving.  Additional chili powder can be added in the individual servings. 

The children in our family traditionally add a heaping handful of crushed saltine crackers to any soup I make.  Some will put chunks of cheese into the soup first to melt, then add their crushed crackers.  I often wonder if they even know what kind of soup I've made since their favorite seems to be cracker soup :-p

It is the perfect food for a winter day!  Enjoy!

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Rhonda said...

Sounds delicious!
Thanks for recipe I'm gonna try it!

Chris Worthy said...

Soups and stews are good for the soul in winter, aren't they? We have started using ground turkey in our chili and my children love it!I hope you have a wonderful day!

mom said...

Try it WITHOUT all the crackers first, Rhonda! LOL!

You know, I've never used ground turkey before....perhaps because there's usually ground venison in our freezer. I'm guessing it would make a leaner soup or leaner anything you'd use it for.

Tammy ~@~

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