Wednesday, February 17

an old hello

When I first joined Curves over seven years ago, I had to find a pair of shoes that  would ONLY be worn for Curves since they do not allow you to wear street shoes on the recovery pads.  Looking through sale merchandise one day while shopping, I was blessed to find this pair of shoes way marked down most likely because they were a small size and not highly stylish.  However, they worked perfectly for carrying back and forth to Curves when I went to exercise.  
 When I quit going to Curves last fall, I put these faithful shoes away in my closet and had forgotten all about them until I was searching searching searching this morning for a different pair of shoes that I typically wear daily around here (and which I still haven't found, btw....strange).

So on they went and I'm happy to report that my feet are happy to be wearing them today.  

Sometimes we forget about old friends, especially when they are out of our sight for long periods of time.  

Over the last week I've been in touch with a friend who I've known since grade school and who I usually only hear from once a year at Christmas.  She lives in the town where my son is getting married and since I needed some help with the rehearsal dinner planning, I got in touch with her.  What a delight it's been to email back and forth, especially knowing I will be able to see her again this spring!

Old friends.  Does someone come to mind?  How about making a connection with them today by email or phone or mail?  You'll both be blessed with a bit of happiness on this winter day!

Tammy ~@~


Kimmie said...

Oh I am so happy for you. Can't wait to hear more of your conversations and catching up times.

thank you dear friend for your prayers...we are so blessed.


stephseef said...

I think those shoes are totally cute!!


mom said...

I found that they were perfect for Curves where I only wore them for a short time AND very unperfect for wearing all day around home! Ouchy feet developed after a while and I had to switch shoes. I'm guessing they are rather archless or somethin'

Tammy ~@~

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