Monday, February 15

a simple move

The Simple Woman's Daybook is making a move from Monday to Tuesday to make it simpler for those participating.  Monday mornings tend to be busy after coming off the weekend and needing to start the new week off on good footing.

However....there is still the option to write your entry on Monday and post the link on Tuesday when it comes up on the main site.

Changes.  Decisions.

Because I don't post on Sundays, it typically isn't a problem to have a post ready to go on Mondays.  In fact, I like the accountability that it begins my week with as I look over the Monday before and see how well I did with what I was planning on doing.  I'm afraid doing it on Tuesdays will throw me off for the week.

Changes.  Decisions.

You may see me back later with my simple day entry or you may see me tomorrow.  Time will tell....

Simply enjoy your Monday, okay?

Tammy ~@~

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