Monday, February 22

Simple Woman's Daybook for February 22

For today February 22

Outside my window.....the skies are cloudy and there's big snowflakes falling at the moment.

I am thinking.....that I like posting this better on Mondays than Tuesdays, but it's nice to have that option if I ever need it.

I am thankful.....for the mild sunny days that we've had recently that allow my thoughts to wander to spring!

I am wearing.....a denim skirt and a three quarter length sleeved olive green top with a sweatshirt thrown over it.

I am hearing.....the dog barking at a squirrel way up in a tree.

I am storage organization in my bedroom and getting a little better at tossing unnecessary things in the process.

I am stay home for the early part of the week since there's nothing on the calendar which makes my heart feel quite content!

I am reading..... my devotionals and the Bible.

I am praying.....for clear dry weather toward the end of the week. 

I am remembering.....that feisty baby I brought home from the hospital eleven years ago and how that feistyness continues to be a part of that child's personality.  What a challenge it is to direct that characteristic into positive directions!

I am squeeze in a little quilting play time this week.

On my wondering how long I'll be waking up during the night flushed with incredible heat and whether or not the same thing will soon be happening during the day :::sigh:::

From the learning will be work work work as my girls school ahead so they can enjoy some vacation time next week.

Noticing that....the birds are singing and chattering more in the woods when I'm outside. 

Pondering these words....."Don't do what others can do and will do when there are so many things that others cannot do and will not do." ~ Dawson Trotman

From the kitchen.....I need to get better organized with meals and remember to take things out of the freezer in advance.

Around the house....there are remnants of a birthday celebration yesterday.  Perhaps I'll leave some of them up since there's another birthday on Wednesday.

One of my favorite things.....are the little notes my children write to me.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....are an early morning women's Bible study at church plus hosting Bible study midweek, a birthday the same day, lots of working on our schooling, attending sessions of the Homeschool Refresher conference that the Heart of the Matter Online is sponsoring this week, hemming a skirt, traveling at the end of the week if the weather cooperates, and watching Olympic coverage throughout the week.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
As I was wandering through the snowy yard yesterday enjoying the incredible weather, I was amazed to see such spring looking buds on my big lilac bush.  Since it's only the end of February, I was surprised that the buds were so formed since there's so many weeks of winter weather left until spring actually comes.  Could this lilac bush know something I don't know?  Here's to hoping!

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Enjoy this LAST Monday in February!

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Nezzy said...

Woohoo! I was wondering around my yard Saturday and I saw the same thing...buds on the lilacs, flowering trees oh the Lord is gonna send us some spring after all! Heeeheehe!

I always enjoy reading your daybook my friend.

God bless and have a glorious day!!!

mom said...

I'm guessing your spring will come a lot sooner than mine, Nezzy! Thanks for stopping!

Tammy ~@~

Love Bears All Things said...

I still post my day book on Monday and then link it here on Tuesday morning.
I can relate to your wondering: I have these episodes AM & PM. Since I've been on the computer, I've thrown my robe off and then became chilled and had to put it back on.

I've noticed buds on our Maple Tree, too. But it won't be too long until we see the green. I dreamed about Redbuds last night.

You have a busy week planned. Happy Birthday to your little people.
Mama Bear

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