Thursday, February 11

the slug has gotta go!

Early November.

That was the last time I went walking.

When the menfolk were headed off to their annual trip to the cabin for deer hunting season mid-November, I woke up with a sore-ish left knee and decided I'd take a little break from going walking until it felt better which worked well until I was on my feet most of Thanksgiving weekend while family was home.  The sore-ishness turned into incredible pain.

December was spent avoiding the stairs in our home as much as possible, walking within the house as little as possible, and calling Advil my new best friend.  When all my kids were home over New Year's weekend, I repeated my Thanksgiving weekend by staying on my feet most of the time.  The sore-ishness that had improved a bit turned back into incredible pain.

Once life settled in January, I made an appointment to see my chiropractor since my walking funny to avoid pain had the consequence of throwing the rest of my body off.  Sore back, sore hips, sore neck.  While there he did some manipulating of my sore knee to see when or where it hurt the most and followed up with an adjustment on it.  OUCH!  His conclusion was that the injury was most likely a slightly torn miniscus.  Probably not a new injury as I had done nothing to it causing the initial pain, but highly likely an old injury re-surfacing.

Yup, a very old injury. I remembered back to my high school days when a guy would frequently come behind me and "knee" me by pushing his knees into the back of my knees.  A foolish attention getter indeed and one time I must have been standing in a funny way when he did it because it put me to the floor in pain.  My mom took me to the doctor and all I can remember now is that we wrapped it for support and I had to stay off it for an extended time (yes, this was before the days of multiple x-rays, scans, MRIs)  So who knows what the diagnosis was back then.  The bonus was that I didn't have to take phy ed class for a very long time.....hee hee... 

Looking at the injury recovery to this point has meant a special set of exercises twice a day to build the knees muscles and taking the supplement glucosamine.  He's also done some knee adjustments on it regularly.  The wonderful part is that it has been gradually improving.  The pain is gone now although there is still a sensation in the knee every time I step or sit or move that leg.  He said it could take months before it completely heals and recovers.

All that to say.....I've been a slug in the exercise department since early November  :::sigh:::  And once you get in that pattern of no exercise, it seems everything kind of slides and you turn into a major slug.  No energy, no motivation, no nothing.  Until you suddenly get a brief fleeting moment of clarity in this sluggish frame of mind and say....WAIT A MINUTE!  What's happened here?  

Remember when you felt a million times better?  Remember when you had more energy?  Remember when you were watching what you were eating?  Remember when you were sleeping more peaceably?  Remember when stress melted away with walking?

Fortunately that brief fleeting moment of clarity did awaken me a bit.  But I also realized I couldn't do it on my own.  My sluggish state had also led me into a sleepy morning habit which would need to be eliminated. Time to call on the big power to shock my system back into early morning habits.  The God alarm clock.

At 5 AM this morning I woke up.  My attempts to go back to sleep did not work.  I knew God had held up His end of the deal;  now I needed to hold up my end of the deal and obediently get out of bed.  I tried bargaining for a while, but finally did get up and out of bed and to the high school fieldhouse at 6 AM to walk the indoor track.  And I walked my full hour.  And I am still alive to tell about it.  

We'll see how my knee feels as the day wears on, whether it aches at bedtime, whether it is in pain by morning, whether I say hello to my old best friend Advil who I haven't spoken to in a month.  Yup, we'll see.  

My hope and prayer is that the slug has left the building and been replaced with a new spring to my step as well as returning to some healthier habits in general.  Yup, we'll see!

So, if you've been in a winter slump and feel like a slug, just know that YOU are the only person who is going to get YOU moving!  And if you can't get yourself going, ask for a big power burst from the Lord who will give you the strength!

Here's to a slug free garden!

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Mrs. E. said...

Great post, Tammy! Hope the knee is doing better so you can keep on walkin'. It does feel good once it becomes routine again.

mom said...

So far so good! I wish our back roads weren't so snowy as it would be nice to be outside walking....

Tammy ~@~

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