Sunday, February 28

so sew nice

Travels before the weekend took my three youngest to their oldest sister's house to spend the week.  She'll be bringing them back home on Friday when her family travels here to attend a wedding.  I've been looking forward to a quieter house with the menfolk which will allow me to focus on a few projects without interruption.  I've been primarily looking forward to some quilting projects and spending some quality time at my sewing machine.  What a wonderful surprise to find a little note right by my sewing machine.....
Awwww, what a sweet girl! She knew right where to leave a note for her mom to find!  And it has the classic line that each girl writes on their notes to me..."your most fav (or favorite)"  Those girls!  They love to write that line in all kinds of places around the house....the chalkboard, the message pad by the phone, in my notebooks, accidentally in other people's notebooks, and over their sister's notes to me.  They truly are EACH my most favorite making me feel blessed indeed!

How about leaving a love note somewhere for someone special in your life to find today!

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