Saturday, February 27

with joy to adopt

Although there are many advantages to blogging, I think the one thing I've enjoyed the most has been getting to know other people that would not have crossed my path within my every day life.  Developing friendships beyond daily blog posts has been a blessing in many ways as we get to know one another and share in the ups and downs of life.

Can I share one such friend with you?  Kimmie who writes over at Over the Moon with Joy.  I cannot remember how I ran across her blog or even when, but it must have been a couple of years ago that I began reading her posts.  Her love for the Lord was evident as she was raising her family with one homemade and five adopted children.  I followed her journey as she and her Knight adopted a sweet baby from Ethiopia last winter and prayed for her as she later set in motion a new ministry to share her great heartfelt passion for orphans which began with lovingly hand sewing dolls who travel around the country.  You can read more about her Orphan Dolls and I'd encourage you to take a moment to read the journal section. 

More recently Kimmie and her Knight have been traveling the adoption path in Ethiopia again as they have been seeking to adopt a new daughter who has been longing for Christian parents over the last few years.  They are getting closer to the end of this journey as the paperwork goes through the final processing stages which brings them closer to traveling to meet this new daughter - whom they've nicknamed Princess Sweetness - and bring her home in the weeks ahead.  

While waiting, they have another task to work on commonly found with the adoption process - finances.  It may look like a mountain to our eyes, but knowing God's goodness and abundance there is no doubt that the need can be met.  Local friends of theirs have been putting together a special adoption fundraising benefit event which will be held TODAY.  Although those of us who don't live nearby won't be able to attend, there is an adoption fundraising button available on Kimmie's blog at the top of the sidebar so that we may donate at any time to help them on this part of the journey.  If you are able, please donate.  If not, a whispered prayer for their adoption would be greatly appreciated as well.

It's is an exciting time for their family and I look forward to the days ahead when they will finally greet Princess Sweetness who has been lovingly prayed into their family! 

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Kimmie said...


What a sweet thing to do for never seem to run out of ideas on *how to be a great blessing to others*

Thank you my dear are deeply written on my heart sweet Tammy.

love you...thank you for the prayers and for the beautiful post.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

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