Saturday, March 6

aspiring a bit

From my gardening calendar - "Aspire toward a garden where birds come to nest and friends come to rest." ~ Author Unknown
And where onions go to flower!  

March is a wonderfully fun time to browse through seed catalogs and plan for my garden for the season ahead.  It's nice to dream and plan for a garden that will not only provide food for my family, but will also be pleasing to the eyes of everyone who stops by for a visit.  I'm definitely planning on adding more rows of zinnias in between the vegetables this year since they were such happy flowers last season and made me smile every time I stepped into my garden to work.  

Are you doing any spring planning?

Tammy ~@~


LaughingLady said...

Well, I'm a little ashamed to admit it, but I know very well what onion flowers look like! Carrot blooms, too...


Think THIS will be the year I start to enjoy gardening?

mom said...

LOL! Hey, I think letting a thing or two go to flower adds beauty to the garden! :-)

I pray that you WILL enjoy gardening this summer, Tammi!

Tammy ~@~

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