Friday, March 12

can you say pink?

Oh, how I love the color pink!  Oh, how I love to enter giveaways that offer something pink! Oh, how I love to share about giveaways that offer something pink because it gives me more entries to win something pink!  

In celebration of the upcoming adoption of a girl, Kimmie has been blessed to be able to offer a pink giveaway sponsored by Cookware.  The giveaway is a Reston Lloyd Calypso Basics 12 piece storage bowl set in pink.  Do stop over and enter Kimmie's giveaway!  If you don't like pink, enter anyways and then send me the pink set if you win!  *wink*

Busy day ahead for our family.  My oldest son and his family will be arriving early this afternoon.  We have schooling to wrap up this morning and a house to prepare for the invasion of grandchildren (which is much more exciting than those alien invasions that you see in the movies!  LOL!)

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1 comment:

The Learning Center said...

My girls love pink, too.

Looks like you have a busy day. The joy of the Lord is your strength.


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