Saturday, March 27

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In recent years our local library has allowed us to have library cards for each member of the reading family.  However, I opted not to do that as it's much easier for me to keep everything on one account with one slip of paper going home with the books.  It's very easy to track online and all the kids can jump on the account at any time to look up books, movies, etc. or find resources for reports.  

Beginning last fall my husband would often do the drop off or pick up at the library, so I'd give him my card to take along.  When he'd come home, I'd tuck my library card back into its spot in my wallet.  

Then one day many weeks ago, my library card wasn't in its spot.  When I checked with my husband, he said he had given it back to me.  Hmmmm.  The only thing I could think of was that I had my hands full with something else when he handed it to me and I must have set the library card in one of my special "I'll remember where I put it" kind of spots.  So, through the house I went looking in all those special spots.  Nothing.  Checked coat pockets.  Nothing.  Checked in the car.  Nothing.  Checked through my desk again.  Nothing.  GONE.

I told the librarian that my card was lost at home, but I was certain it would show up while she now scanned my books in through the library computer system.  I told the Lord that I had done my best trying to find my lost card, but now it was up to Him to show me where it was.

And I promptly forgot about it. 

Until yesterday.

The local hardware store called saying that my library card had been in their lost and found box for some time and apparently no one had called me to let me know.  FOUND!  As my husband usually does the hardware store errands and I only tend to go when I need to UPS a package, perhaps my library card fell out of my wallet when I pulled out my hardware card?  

I guess I'll never know, but God knew.  And once I gave up the striving and let Him take care of it, He answered. 

Prayer is often like that, isn't it?  We pray and do our utmost to *help* God with the answers, but once we give it up and totally put it in His hands, He answers and often in the most interesting ways.  A good reminder indeed whether it's a library card or something much bigger!

Enjoy the weekend and remember Who to call upon when you lose something! 

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LaughingLady said...

And I'm so impatient, I would have already replaced the card!! Waiting on God is SO hard sometimes!! It's a lesson I guess I'll be learning all my life; thanks for the reminder. ♥

mom said...

LOL, Tammi! Patience is THE hardest lesson to learn and I do believe it must take a lifetime to learn it well.

Tammy ~@~

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