Thursday, March 4

the good rubbings

"When God wants to bring more power into your life, He brings more pressure.  He is generating spiritual force by hard rubbing.  Some of us don't like it.  Some of us don't understand, and we try to run away from the pressure instead of getting the power and using it to rise about the painful cause." ~ A. B. Simpson

Okay, raise your hand if you enjoy those hard rubbings....

I can't say that I've run into anyone through the years who has said they've welcomed trials that have passed through their lives with open arms.  But I can say that I've run into countless people who did not run from the difficulties and can testify to God's power getting them through and growing their spiritual lives in a way that only those specific trials could do.  

The things that happen on the paths of our lives are often beyond our understanding.  But they are never beyond God's power.  Each step that we take adds to our growth in knowing without a doubt that we can wholeheartedly trust God as He builds our faith in Him.  

Yes, they may be hard rubbings, but hindsight always proves that they were good rubbings!  

If you know someone going through a hard rubbing in life right now, how about giving them a hug or a word of encouragement to soften it a bit?

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