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One of my key winter projects has been to concentrate on going through "stuff".  We still have a lot of items that came from my in-laws house as well as having many things that belonged to my mom.  This past week I've been focusing on going through my own personal "stuff" that clutters up my bedroom and have run across a lot of *ancient of days* kinds of stuff.  There's simply too much stuff.  Stuff that is often old and faded and falling apart.  Stuff that tends to only have meaning to the original owner :::sigh:::  STUFF!

Our home Bible study group has recently begun a new study.  We will be going through the books of First and Second Peter over the next several weeks.  After we opened our books and read the introduction, we had our first question which applied to the opening verses of chapter one of First you eagerly anticipate heaven?

Perhaps you haven't thought about it much?  Perhaps you've thought about it a lot?  All our answers were varied and then we keyed into verse four:  "to an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you," and let me add some of the words used in this verse from other translations to describe our inheritance....beyond the reach of change and decay, unsullied, imperishable, that can never spoil.....those are the kinds of things that await us in heaven.  Can we even wrap our minds around things like that?  It certainly isn't our earthly experience, is it?  It's simply perfect!

And how cool is it that this perfect inheritance is reserved for us!  It's waiting for us and will be there untouched until we get there.

It certainly makes all the things that we chase after on this earth look pale and meaningless when put up against a heavenly light.  All these things which will remain on this earth after we are gone as they continue their perishing fading process.  All this STUFF! 

And really, there is only one thing that matters.....relationships.  The stuff will all pass away or be left behind.  It's people that will follow us into heaven.  People who have come to know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.  Focusing on that helps me to keep focused on getting rid of earthly stuff which helps to simply life and allow me more time to focus on relationships.  And that, my friend, is GOOD STUFF!

Enjoy your day as you ponder the heavenly inheritance waiting just for YOU!

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Dot O said...

I do think about heaven quite frequently, and I truly remember since being a young child that this just doesn't feel like home here on earth. Sounds weird, I know, but I have always felt that way. Carrie Underwood has a new song out that addresses just that same thing. It's called "Temporary Home" and if you haven't heard it yet, check it out. The lyrics are so perfect.

The "stuff" you talk about feels burdensome, doesn't it? It is so freeing to get rid of the clutter. Tough at times to do when married to a pack rat, though:)

Have a wonderful day!!

mom said...

That is so neat (and gave me :::Godbumps:::) when I read that God had placed that on your heart as a child, Dot! It has become a longing as I've gotten older and get tired of life on this earth with all the sin that abounds and its effects which darken and touch our lives. Looking forward to that place of perfection! :-)

Tammy ~@~

LaughingLady said...

(formerly ValleyGirl)

Several months ago there was a Revive Our Hearts broadcast/series about learning to focus more on anticipating heaven, and I've been trying to grow in that direction ever since. And especially when my girls and I are talking about bad things happening down here, not having exactly what we want. (and so many of the things we feel we absolutely need! :P)

It's a hard attitude to learn though, when we've made so many plans for how our futures will go! Man, those plans go wrong so often, you'd think we'd learn!!

Great post, Tammy!

Nezzy said...

Oh baby, the older I get the more often I find myself thinkin' of heaven. Is that normal???? Heeehehe!

God bless and have a fantastic weekend!

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