Tuesday, March 16

letters with points

There's a couple of girls who are ALWAYS shoulder playing Scrabble when I'm online playing my games on Facebook.  And yes, they sometimes have better words than mom comes up with by hitting the doubles or triples.  

It seemed that it was time to capitalize on their Scrabble playing skills by creating a spelling game to use those skills in a educational way.

Enter mom's homemade Scrabble game. It's still in the practice stages and we are making up rules as we go.  I cut out a zillion white scrabble pieces and initially wrote out double the letters the game typically has PLUS kept blank pieces by the side in case we need more letters.  The object is to use only spelling words from a lesson and we've been restricting our games to words of seven letters or less, but we may change that.  There is no rack and each player pulls the letters they need from the piles.  The object is to learn the spelling words better by handling the letters and putting them onto the board.  The game pictured above is from a spelling lesson entitled "borrowed words" which are words that have come from other cultures.  I took a picture of the pre-final board of only those words from the lesson until when we reached the point of having no room or the right spaces to put any more words from the lesson. The game can be continued to be played with non-lesson words, if desired. 

If you'd like to know our favorite way to practice writing out spelling words, stop over at Heart of the Matter Online and read my latest article entitled Spelling Letters

In the meantime, may the best speller win!

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Tina said...

Awesome game idea!!

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