Monday, March 29

Simple Woman's Daybook for March 29

For today March 29

Outside my's only in the teens now, but it's suppose to be a wonderfully warm week ahead.

I am thinking....about planting some lettuce very early this spring to see how it does since I have some older seed to use up anyway which would work well for this experiment.

I am thankful.....for those who are willing to preach the hard things that don't tickle our ears but convict our hearts as the Holy Spirit speaks through them.

I am wearing.....dark blue pants, a white t-shirt with thin light blue stripes, and a hooded sweatshirt thrown on top.

I am hearing.....the dog pawing at the door.

I am creating.....a package to send to a son that I'm missing like crazy.
I am need to do some special shopping this week as I see Easter is about to sneak up on me!

I am reading.....Eternity by Joseph M. Stowell as it goes well with our Bible study in First and Second Peter.

I am praying.....for a friend's travels and her visit with a sister whose days have been shortened.
I am remembering.....white lacy gloves and special Easter hats when I was a little girl.

I am get caught up on ironing this week before we begin the seasonal clothing changeover.

On my mind.....are conversations that have taken place and conversations that need to take place in the days ahead.

From the learning rooms....there will some one-on-one working with a daughter who seems to like to skip doing the things she doesn't like doing!
Noticing that....even the big snow piles are almost gone.

Pondering these words....."believe actions not words."

From the kitchen.....we'll be eating leftover chili before the weather warms up.

Around the house....there are Hawaiian leis and flowers scattered around from a bridal shower we attended over the weekend while my littlest continues playing with them.

One of my favorite putting on my warm fuzzy socks when I get up in the morning in our cool home.

A few plans for the rest of the week.....are doing some shopping, hosting Bible study midweek, finishing the last stretch of a quilt hem, a library visit, getting back to my garden order, singing happy birthday to a daughter over the phone, a Good Friday service, and celebrating the worship of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on Sunday followed by breakfast at church.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
Yesterday I checked along the fence line by our driveway and see some little signs of spring flowers just popping through the ground.

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Enjoy this last Monday of March!

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stephseef said...


I've never tried to grow lettuce, but after eating fresh early-summer lettuce last year, I'm HOOKED. I'm tempted to try it this year. Any advice?? Pretend I'm a non-gardener when you answer because... well... basically... I AM!


mom said...

Hey, this is a GOOD temptation, Steph! Do you have a bunny proof place to grow lettuce in your yard? If not, you can even grow it indoors in a sunny window. I think different garden centers even carry a "salad kit" :-)

Tammy ~@~

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