Monday, March 8

Simple Woman's Daybook for March 8

For today March 8

Outside my window.....the sun is shining and it looks like it will be a beautiful day.  There's even mention of temperatures getting up near 50 degrees this week!

I am thinking....about the challenge of grown up children and the need for Godly wisdom as a parent.

I am thankful.....the weather is getting more spring-like which is motivating me to get done with some indoor projects.

I am black exercise pants with a dark red Maui t-shirt.

I am hearing.....the chatter of the girls in the kitchen as they work on their schooling.

I am creating.....a new place to store craft supplies.

I am be at home most of the week which is a very good thing.  I like a lighter schedule.

I am reading..... my devotionals and the Bible.

I am praying.....for God to work in a child's heart and life situation like only He can realizing it's outside the realm of anything I can do.
I am remembering.....this weekend's wedding couple as TODDLERS! Where did the time go?

I am find the wedding picture of my in-laws which is *somewhere* around here.

On my a son who could really use strong Christian buddies to come into his life as he's feeling quite alone.

From the learning rooms....will be working hard on school and trying to get ahead a bit because next week's schooling will be harder to work on with little ones here.

Noticing that....the snow is melting quickly!

Pondering these words....."When the Lord returns, will we be awkwardly attired in our good works which are like filthy rags in His eyes?  Will we be wearing the old hand-me-downs of our parents and grandparents?  Or the latest religious clothing?  Or will He find us appropriately clothed in His righteousness alone?"  ~ Gigi Graham Tchividjian

From the kitchen.....I'm hoping to try some new recipes from the box of recipe clippings I found I last week.

Around the house....we are getting things put back into place after the weekend of people sleeping in different places.

One of my favorite watching the kids devour a pan of brownies.  Hey, that means no leftovers to tempt me!  LOL!

A few plans for the rest of the week.....are an early morning women's Bible study at church plus hosting Bible study midweek, hemming a quilt, going through a couple of boxes to find items for our mission team to take to Haiti, and family bringing friends home at the end of the week. 

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you....
A peek at the beautiful wedding cake that was made by a friend who is learning the art of cake decorating. Not only did it look beautiful, but she is also mastering the flavor as it was delicious!

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Enjoy this March day!

Tammy ~@~ 


Dot O said...

Somehow your "lighter" schedule looks very busy to me....

The heavens are pouring much sunshine upon is today - it just makes one feel better, doesn't it?

I hope your week runs smoothly and efficiently and you get your to-do list done!

stephseef said...

tam, do YOU have a wedding in the family this weekend? it's not one of yours is it?

enjoy the warm moments.... i'm reveling in them!!!


mom said...

Yes, the sunshine is WONDERFUL, isn't it? :-)

The wedding was the best friend of my son in the army and the daughter of another friend, Steph. It was sad because my son couldn't get leave to come home for the wedding and they've been buddies since babyhood :-( Our next family wedding is in May....

Tammy ~@~

Letitia said...

Yay! for almost 50 degrees. We actually reached the 60's today,and it was gorgeous and wonderful.

I completely understand that need for wisdom for the grown children. It certainly does not get easier when they are grown, does it? Different, but not easier. James and I have been having to do some of that heavy praying and searching to help one of ours make a decision this past week. How thankful I am, though, for Godly grown children, who want more than anything to follow the Lord!!
Hope your week is going splendid!

mom said...

Letitia, that sounds wonderfully warm!

No, it doesn't get easier. Bigger children, bigger prayer requests on bigger matters. I always thought I prayed a lot for my children when they were little, but it doesn't even compare to how much I pray for them now. It certainly draws us closer to our Heavenly Father though! I'm glad He can watch over them when we are far away from them!

Tammy ~@~

Laurie said...

As a first time reader of your blog, I really enjoyed it, love the pictures. Can relate to your comment on grown children. We are empty nesters and with that comes different challenges as we continue to parent, but from a different perspective. Have a great week. ~ Laurie

Jhona O. said...

Beautiful wedding cake! You do have a busy week ahead:) I enjoyed your blog and look forward to coming back to it later. Have a beautiful week!

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