Friday, March 26

the spring of new heights

There is something about spring, isn't there?  It is so freeing after a winter of being cooped indoors and having to wear layer upon layer of clothing and accessories every time you do go outside.  A rise into warmer temperatures and suddenly my kids are in shorts and flip flops!  With only traces of snow left here and there, the bikes are in motion, the sandbox is busy....
....and life reaches new heights.  Especially on the swings!  

Sometimes I wish I was so fearless and had a smile on my face as the Lord encourages me on to new heights where I feel way above my head!

Tammy ~@~


Nezzy said...

Reach for the sky,'s never too late.

God bless and have a glorious weekend!!!

mom said...

You're right, Nezzy! It's never too late!

Tammy ~@~

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