Saturday, April 10

be a faithful pot

I was looking on my bookshelves for a particular book and instead ended up pulling out a devotional book I hadn't read in years. Paging through it, I landed here:

"When a housewife purchases a cooking vessel she does not agree to let the pot choose how it will be used. Whether it is used to hold scrub water or to boil potatoes or to simmer a delicate sauce; that is a matter of concern only to the one who possesses the pot.

So the Christian, like any consecrated vessel, accepts whatever use the Lord makes of his life; he does not choose the path of dedication he will take. And consequently our faithfulness is measured not in terms of what we have seen others do, but rather in the dedication of self to the opportunities and limitations with which the Lord surrounds our lives."
~ Jessie Rice Sandburg

It is so easy to think *I* am in control of my little vessel as my heart wanders to wanting to do things that I've seen others do and to want to do those things well. Kind of like wanting to be the pot that holds the delicate sauce instead of the scrub water. Yet often when I attempt those paths, the results are far from well. It is then that I shake my head at my own foolishness and remember that God called my little vessel to be dedicated to a specific calling. A calling which may not be glamorous or exciting and limitations are numerous, yet He has given me the talents to do it and to do it well with His strength.

Be faithful to your calling even if it is about holding the scrub water. Be the best scrub water holder out there if that is what God has called you to at this time in your life for with the right heart attitude God will be glorified!

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ChiGirl said...

Wow. So simple. So true. Soooo hard. Thanks for the great reminder...I needed that.

Love you!!

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