Wednesday, April 21

the last reader

Perhaps I am a little too excited.  Perhaps I need to stop saying so many "Great!"  "Perfect!"  "You got it!"  "Way to go!"  "Excellent!"  "I love it!"  "Awesome!"  "Keep it up!" phrases all the time as my littlest tackles some hard words while reading through her drill book A Handbook for Reading or while doing her daily seatwork (her older sisters sitting in the kitchen pointed this out to me saying, "Really mom, you are going overboard!  Do you have to keep saying those things?!")

Is it possible to be TOO encouraging? 

But really, can there be any greater joy as a homeschool mom than to know you've heard all nine of your children learn to read at your kitchen table? To know that they all have the key to learning?

Ahhhh, but I don't have it all figured out even after all this time when it comes to teaching reading.  There's one thing I'd really like to figure out with my last reader.  To find out what it is,  stop over at Heart of the Matter Online to read my article this week called Here We Go!  Meanwhile, we'll be working on the "ea" sound which is just another quirk of the English language as it says short e in thread, long a in steak, and long e in leaf.  Just saying'....

Enjoy some reading in your garden today!

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