Friday, April 9

the marks of life

Several years ago I picked up a handful of soup/cereal bowls at the local dollar store as bowls are something that seem to quickly come and go in our family for whatever reason.  I loved the colors and the design of the bowl and always smiled when I used them.
Recently when I used the very last one of these special bowls, I noticed all the gray scratches from the many spoons and forks which had been busily used within this bowl.  I had never noticed them before and it kind of opened my eyes. When and how had this bowl gotten so used?  Did others in my family notice how worn it was?  And look at that thin crack!  This bowl is on its last legs and I will handle it with more care in the future.

Recently when I looked in the mirror on a bright sunny day, I noticed all the fine wrinkles lines that had formed on my face.  I had never noticed so many before.  When and how did that happen?  Did others in my family notice how worn my face was looking these days?  And look at those gray hairs popping here and there!  This face is aging and I need to handle it with a bit more care in the days to come. 

It's nice to know that although bowls and faces don't last forever, no matter how much care we give to them, God's word does!  

"Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away." ~ Luke 21:33

Long after my worn face is gone, the word of God will be alive and well ministering to my future generations.  And knowing that gives me great peace!

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stephseef said...

i love what you wrote... but i was SO HOPING that you were going to post the remedy for those grey stains!!! my white pfaltzgraff that we got for a wedding gift - only 10 years old - is COVERED in those marks and i have tried EVERYTHING to clean them to no avail. Got any ideas?!?!?!?

ps - I'm comin' to fort for 5 days in October. think we'll be able to meet for coffee then?!?!?!

mom said...

Steph, I have no idea what to do about those marks. I guess because I'm down to the last bowl I didn't really think to find out how to get rid of them. Very sad that your dishes have these! Perhaps check online or maybe contact customer service of the company?

Are you REALLY coming to Fort? Confirmed and all that jazz? I would LOVE to connect with you there! YAY!

Tammy ~@~

val said...

You see Tammy, I told you your posts were written just for ME! You must have been looking in my mirror! But how encouraging to think of the future generations being blessed by the reading of God's everlasting Word!
Bless you,

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