Friday, April 2

silver dew beauties

"A sensitive plant in a garden grew, 
And the young winds fed it with 
silver dew."
~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

Although we often check around the yard in the early spring for a peek of the greenery of known flowers, sometimes we stumble across one of the little teeny tiny beauties found in the woods growing in some unknown spot under the carpet of dried leaves, discarded bark, and browned grass.   

The plants are only being fed with silver dew as we are severely dry in our area.  The fire danger is extremely high in this time period before the trees, plants, and grass begin greening.  There's a chance of rain this weekend and as much as those who have been waiting all this beautiful weather week to be outside this weekend, I think that even they would welcome a soaking rain on their days off. 

Until then, we'll be rambling around in the woods attempting to avoid wood ticks and looking for all the silver dew fed wildflowers!

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