Thursday, April 8

the thirty lapper

The warm early spring weather sparked an idea with my girls.  They chattered and planned for a few days before putting it into action and promoting their event - The First Annual Easter Run.  
Pretty soon they were marking the trail....
designing the shirts....
and before you knew it the banner was up on race day.

The weather somewhat cooperated as the rain decided not to fall, but it was a brisk breezy day before Easter when the run took place.  
The check-in point was set up with water, sport drink, and granola bars ready as the youngest of the family was the lap counter.  Only four official contestants were registered with Dad walking a couple laps at the start-up and one of the dogs running several laps as he tried to get contestants to throw his ball.

And the race was on....a mere 30 laps.  
The winner was the oldest brother at home right now who ran most of the race and came in after an hour with his two sisters, the race organizers, right behind him.  The last contestant coming in was myself who walked the entire race.  My time?  One hour and 52 minutes!

After the race we were all very curious about the true distance of the trail we followed through the yard, the field, around the garages, through the woods.  So, my husband took a truck and drove one lap, multiplied by 30, and came up with SIX MILES!  To think....the race organizers originally had planned 100 laps, then went down to 50 laps, then settled on 30 laps.  Whew!

We'll see if the weather will cooperate in future years for this new annual run as this year's weather has been exceptional. There may be quite different conditions in the years to come when Easter rolls around such as a foot of snow still on the ground!  

All in all, the race was fun for everyone and was a good learning experience for the girls as they worked on all the details.  The training actually encouraged family members to sign up for a local 5K race to be held this coming weekend.  You just never know what one good idea may lead to, eh?!

Enjoy your day whether you walk or run through it!

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LaughingLady said...

What a great activity for the family!!! I love how you have a refreshment stand, T-shirts, banners, and everything!!! How awesome! This could actually be a fun little community thing, I think. Hmmmm....

Mrs. E. said...

Oh, I LOVE this!! Those girls thought of everything!

mom said...

The girls really did have fun with the planning and doing :-) I love little projects where they can get excited and use their creativity!

Tammy ~@~

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