Thursday, April 15

ticking down

You know the old saying -"You can't take anything to heaven with you!", but I was reminded again that you can.  

"When I think of friendships without Christ, it saddens me to realize they're like old clocks, winding down with each tick, destined to ultimately stop, the mainspring forever broken, never to be wound up again." ~ Randy Alcorn

Relationships on earth are important.  Relationships with family, friends, even your favorite grocery store clerk will be continued if all claim Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior as they trust in the work that Jesus did on the cross for all their sins.  Eternity will be spent with those very people.

Do you have someone dear to your heart that doesn't know Jesus?  First and foremost, PRAY!  Then PRAY some more!  Let your daily life be a light before them as you consider the alternative for their eternity.

May you sense the urgency as you walk down your garden path while the clock continues ticking...... 

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val said...

Dear Tammy, Thank you for stopping by my little blog and for your encouragements. I love your postings, they all seem to be written with ME in mind, but this cannot be because we have only just "met"! Your faith and love for our Lord Jesus is inspiring and challenging, thank you for being open and willing to share with us. I will be a regular visitor from now on.
BTW I live in the High Peak in Derbyshire - if the P & P movie is the one you have seen, where Lizzie is standing on the rock edge in the opening credits, well that is Stanage Edge - quite close to where I live and where my sons go climbing.
Also "Pemberley" is really Chatsworth House - about 20 minutes away.
- Sorry this such a long comment!
love and blessings to you,

mom said...

Val! Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your wonderful introduction. I immediately had to share with my girls since we have such a soft spot for anything Jane Austen and absolutely adore the scenery in every movie :::dreamy sigh::: I'm looking forward to growing our friendship across the miles :-)

Tammy ~@~

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