Friday, April 30


As I go though the days with uncertainty in my heart about several things which I have been praying about, I'm thankful to read something by someone who I've grown to trust through the years as she always has wise words that keep me encouraged and remind me to continue walking in faith.

"Let us bring everything that baffles us into His presence, holding it up before Him in faith.  In that Light, the look of things will slowly begin to change, and as we humble ourselves our eyes will be opened." ~ Elisabeth Elliot

Ahhh, there's that word "slowly".  Will God forever work on the fruit of patience in my life?

May you find the faith and patience you need as God slowly does His humbling work in your garden!  (And in mine, too!)

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val said...

Thank you Tammy for your "timely" words and for sharing Elizabeth Elliott's wisdom. It seems that I am always in a rush for my growing, but really in a garden the things that rush up into the light are usually the weeds! the beauty of a rose is cultivated. I feel that I am at Horticultural University and the lessons are sometime difficult to understand.
Well, from one little garden student to another ...
May your garden be fruitful and evergreen :0)
Blessings! Val xx

Angela said...

I needed this today! My husband made it to step 4 in the interview process for a long awaited job but this weekend received the rejection letter before going on to the final step. I begged God, if this isn't the job for us please don't let us move beyond step 1. I can't understand in my flesh why that prayer wasn't answered but maybe I need to hold it up to his light and begin to process it different. My heart is broken today but tomorrow I still choose HIM and I carry on!

mom said...

Oh, Angela! I'm so sad to hear that! I've been praying for you during his interview process and will continue praying for whatever God may have next for your family.

Val, what a perfect example! The cultivation of a rose is quite an art...I'm only feeling the thorny part lately! Yikes!

Tammy ~@~

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