Monday, April 19

a yikes kind of day

I've woken up to a morning of feeling totally discombobulated!  Yikes!

After being away from home almost all of Saturday and Sunday, my mind is trying to figure out where to begin as all my weekend tasks were never done.  I mean, I had planned on being home most of the weekend, but then other activities quickly filled in the hours that had originally been planned out with specific things to do that can only be done on the weekends when our schooling wouldn't be interrupted.  Yikes!

I need to make out a list to get myself started, but my mind is blank.  Where to begin?  Yikes!

Time to head to my office for my shower, then on to the first thing I typically do on Monday mornings by starting our day with devotions and schooling....and my little notebook next to me as my mind starts remembering all the things I needed to get done on this busy week.  Yikes!

I hope your day is less discombobulated than mine!

Tammy ~@~ 


LaughingLady said...

I'm having a similar feeling, but mine's a little more akin to being overwhelmed! On Wednesday afternoon hubby and I, together with the couple we own the business with, are leaving on a bit of a vacation, but the girls are staying with friends from church for the first two days, after which my parents will come up to stay with them here at home.

OH, the LISTS I need to make and all the piddly little details I need to remember!!! YIKES!

(Funny how leaving the kids behind actually makes things more complicated...)

mom said...

I can totally relate to that, too! YIKES! Lists for here, lists for there, and maintaining life BEFORE anyone goes anywhere!

Have fun on your getaway, Tammi!

Tammy ~@~

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