Wednesday, May 19

ahem....part 2

Ahhh, yes!  There's nothing better than digging around in the dirt.  The garden work has now officially begun.

The biggest task is always the first one we need to do.  My garden is located between our front yard and a large field, so plenty of grass and weeds encroach the fence line.  Because the tiller cannot get that close to the fence and before we can begin any planting, we need to go along the inside of the fence line digging and pulling all the weeds and grass.  It looks a bit like this when we're doing this job.  It tends to be a lengthy kind of job, however two of my daughters helped so it went a bit faster this time.  

Once that was done, we began our planting and got perhaps a third of it done yesterday.  I did do something different this year as the soil is dry and there's no rain in the immediate forecast.  Once I had drawn my planting trench into the soil with my hoe, I took my water sprinkling can and wet the area down. We then placed the seeds into the trench, lightly covered them up with soil, and gently patted them down.  I'm hoping that having a little bit of moisture with the seeds will help them germinate in this warm soil.  My hope is to complete planting a majority of the garden today and I'll try to remember to take my camera outside with me for some pictures.

I think though that one of my favorite tasks of spring gardening is cruising through the local greenhouses.  There are a few things I plant as plants - tomatoes, green peppers, broccoli, cabbage, and sometimes melons - which requires walking down the aisles with my girls and ohhhhing and ahhhhing.  It is a bittersweet kind of task now as it was always one of my favorite things to do with my mom and was saddened even further this spring when one of my favorite greenhouse ladies passed away.  I so fondly remember how fun it was each spring to visit her greenhouse and catch up with her on as we spent more time talking about life than gardening.  

And yet, my love for gardening keeps me smiling and after seeing the amazing stock of flowers in my current favorite greenhouse there is definitely enough incentive to want to get my vegetable garden done so I can move onto flower planting.  Ah, yes, the hours of the day seem much too short right now.

May your spring days be filled to the brim with your favorite activities!

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ChiGirl said...

I'm very sad that I wasn't there to do my fence line job this year. I think this is the first year I've missed in about 3 or 4 years. Oh well, guess you'll have to sentence me to weeding in a few a weeks.... :-D

mom said...

Ohhh, I'm certain I can find some yardwork for you when you're here, although I'm not sure that the garden weeds will be quite ready by then....

I think I'm planting so much earlier than other years, eh? Usually you're still lingering here after Memorial Day weekend :-)

Love you,

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