Wednesday, May 19

almost scentable

Three years ago today we were abundantly blessed for my oldest daughter's wedding with an abundant supply of fresh lilacs which was uncommonly early for our area.  With our early warm spring this year I anticipated the lilacs to be opening up even sooner than that year and was surprised when I checked them today.
Not quite fully opened yet and the blossoms getting ready seem smaller than usual this year.  The picture was taken late in the afternoon and the lighting interestingly gave them more of a pink color.  Hopefully they'll be pickable in the next day or two as I can hardly wait for the lilac scent to waft through my home!

And before I forget....happy anniversary to my sweet daughter and my most favorite son-in-law!

Tammy ~@~


Chris Worthy said...

So sweet! You are such a balm for all who visit here. :)

mom said...

Awww, thanks, Chris!

Tammy ~@~

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