Thursday, May 6

beware the fire

This was my before bed reading....

"Of all the false philosophies now prevalent in American society, none promotes a relationship with the real God of the universe who will judge the living and the dead and grant those who have embraced His redemption a literal eternity with Him.  It is as though modern culture has determined what people were created to experience and then designed if after their own notions." ~ Joseph M. Stowell

Perhaps it caught my eye because earlier in the evening we had finished a Bible study lesson covering Second Peter 2:1-22 where the topic of false teaching and our adversaries were discussed.  There are those in our world today who would like to ignore eternity, but God's Word clearly speaks about it and the judgment that will come.  Deception is rampant in our culture and I am reminded of the verse Galatians 6:7 - "Be not deceived; God is not mocked."  When reading about the judgment that will come by God's Hand to those who have deceived and mocked Him, well, all I can say is....Be afraid...Be very afraid.   It was a good reminder to stay in God's Word hiding it in your heart, worship and fellowship with believers, and hold everything you hear and read up to the Truth with a discerning heart. 

Okay, that was my fire and brimstone post for the day.  Back to rejoicing over my little granddaughter who went potty in Grandma's big toilet just moments ago.  Yes, welcome to the randomness of my life :-)

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Dot O said...

Such a momentous event! I can't even begin to count the number of times I read "The Potty Book" while sitting on the edge of the tub and my kids were on the pot! My son took the longest - uggg.

Thank you for today's thoughts/verse. Why is it that nobody seems to realize that what we do here determines where we are after our earthy existence is done. I think about it almost daily. It's like so much other stuff matters when it does not matter. I woke up the other day for some reason with the words "Keep your eyes on the prize" and I know that He is the "prize". What made me wake up like that, I have no idea but those words have stuck with me.....

Congrats Grandma, on the potty triumph!

Dot O said...

P.S. I meant to say "with those words stuck in my head"...

Nezzy said...

Oh potty in the potty is a BIG deal! Aren't they just precious. Yes, I too take bein' a Christian very serious too.

Ya'll have a fantastic day filled with warm sunny blessings!!!

mom said...

Great words to stick in the morning, Dot!

And potty moments are also great ;-)

Tammy ~@~

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