Saturday, May 29

flower throwing again

Almost seven years ago this flower girl's dress was worn by one of my young daughters in her oldest brother's wedding.
Today this dress is being worn by my youngest daughter who we hadn't yetmet  at that wedding although she was certainly present (check us out at my post called the ninth tale where you'll see my two youngest back then wearing these pretty dresses) as she wears it at an older brother's wedding.  The sister who originally wore this dress will be a bridesmaid in today's wedding. 

And in between that wedding and this wedding this dress was also worn for a sister's wedding and a wedding that my granddaughter was in for her parents' friends.

This beautiful dress (and its twin which will also be worn today by my granddaughter) has certainly gotten good use and is still in beautiful condition waiting to be used again.  Who would have thought back then that these pretty dresses would have been such a lasting investment that would grace so many weddings?

Looking forward to a perfect day for a wedding and praying for many blessings upon my son and his wife to be!

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