Thursday, May 13

a flowered delivery day

Every once in awhile this old fashioned mom is yanked into the reality of life in the world of today.  

Like today.

A friend has asked me to do a favor for their family which I'm honored to do for them.  They are busy decorating the church and reception hall the next couple of days for their oldest daughter's wedding which means they won't be at their home much.  Since we live around the long corner from them, she asked if I would be willing to be the delivery location for all their wedding flowers.  There are three shipments arriving today and the bride's bouquet will arrive tomorrow.  As soon as the flowers arrive, I will call their cell phones and someone will come from their family will leave the decorating to come and pick the flowers up from our house.  

Welcome to my introduction to online flowers! 

Although I've heard of online flowers for quite awhile - even have a comment left here now and then from an online flower business - I don't think I've actually known someone who used this service.  I'll be fascinated to see the quality and freshness of the flowers when using this option.  And, of course, I hope they come in CLEAR packages so I don't have to tamper with their deliveries (just kidding! but it's hard not to be tempted when you are a flower lover!)

It's no secret that I love freshly cut flowers and I'm reminded of my oldest daughter's wedding almost three years ago.  The bouquets were done by my favorite local florist, but all the tables and church were blessed by an abundance of lilacs cut personally by my husband and I just hours before her wedding.  H.E.A.V.E.N.L.Y!  And I don't use the word heavenly lightly as it was quite amazing to have so many gorgeous lilacs available so early in the month of May for our area.  God is good!

So, I'm now curious about online flower deliveries.  Anyone use them?  Love them?  Hate them?  Enjoy the variety of flowers offered? Have a favorite company to use?  I'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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Laura said...

My grandmother used to be a florist, and my mother is quite gifted with flower arranging as well. So when I was married, we ordered my flowers from a grower and my wonderful family arranged them. We did order the bouquets from a local florist as well (just to cut down on the work load), but my mother and grandmother did the vast majority. The blooms were pretty tightly shut still, but she was able to coax them open just in time! :)

What a blessing to have all those lilacs... I'm sure it smelled amazing!

My wedding was in December... so, unfortunately, no lilacs! LOL

mom said...

Laura, how wonderful! Have you found that some of their florist skills have rubbed off on you? And yes, the scent of lilacs was amazing :-) Of course, my daughter and I LOVE it, but the poor people who suffer from allergies probably weren't quite as delighted!

Tammy ~@~

Laura said...

I'm okay at the arrangements, however, my mother and grandmother are phenomenal. I wish I was as naturally gifted at it as they are. It was truly a beautiful wedding because of them! I wish I could post a picture because they did such a lovely job!

I'm sure that every time you smell lilacs now you think of your daughter's wedding. Isn't it funny how smell is so connected to our memory?

I have allergies, but I suffer through them for the sake of the flowers! :)

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