Friday, May 28

folded days

After getting way too many little slips of paper all over my desk for our upcoming wedding, I decided I needed to organize them into one place.  But where?  Too many notebooks were involved and I didn't want to use a large pocket folder.  So, I stretched my imagination a bit and pulled out some old calendars that I've been saving for a rainy day project.
I paged through them until I found a picture with pink flowers for our pink wedding.  How fun to find that perfect picture which came from May 2007 which was when my oldest daughter got married!
Carefully I removed the page, trimmed the bottom edge, and folded it up to a height that looked good.
Here's what it looked like on the other side after the fold.
Then I carefully glued down the outer edges and added a white liner inside.
Once the glue was completely dried, I tested it out and it works perfectly for my needs!  
Here's what it looks like from the outside.  It's just the right size for me!  I've since packed it full of all my little sheets of papers with times and places and directions and lists of lists.  Hopefully it will help me so I don't  forget a single thing for the weekend ahead.

I'm not a fabulously crafty person, but it's fun to come up with something in a pinch!

Enjoy a creative day in your garden today!

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Mrs. E. said...

So excited for you and the upcoming weekend celebrations. Thinking of you and look forward to seeing pictures!

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