Wednesday, May 26

the garden secret

Spring means a busy busy time of the year for me and I enjoy every moment of it.  Being busy means I think about all kind of things worthy of a blog post but having very little time to sit down and actually type it out....which means I forget by the time I do have time to sit down and actually type.  Just part of being 50 something I guess.

My vegetable garden was planted over a few days last week and amazingly much of it was already peeking through the ground in less than a week due to this incredibly HOT May weather we've been having.  Yesterday I was able to finish up all my typical flowerbed and flower pot planting.  It feels wonderful to be done with this spring/summer chore so early!

After downloading my planting pictures from the last week or so, I couldn't resist sharing a secret.  Well, it's kind of a secret between three of us and I suppose it's no longer a secret because I'm sharing it here, but you will only see and know part of it.
For you see, I did something rather frivolous in my garden planting.  Yes, we'll be short a few rows of beans this year which I may whimper about come harvest time especially since we ran out of canned garden beans late this winter, however I'm banking on this garden space hogging endeavor to grow to be worth the whimpers.   I'll keep you updated as it grows and in the meantime I'll smile every time I think about it!

Have fun with your garden and plant a surprise!  

Tammy ~@~

P.S.  My garden cohorts have been sworn to secrecy so please do not try to bribe them....and you know who you are!  LOL!


ChiGirl said...

I know how to break your bribe-ees. MUAHAHAHAHA!!! I have a few guesses of my own. Will you tell me if I guess correctly??

mom said...

You are not allowed to bribe with candy or gum or ice cream or a Walmart run!

I might tell you privately if you guess correctly...I'll have to think about it though...hee hee...

Love you!

keri said...

this is know they'll tell their favorite sister... ;)

mom said...

You think so, don't you, smarty pants! HA! We'll see.....

Love you,

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