Friday, May 21

it's all about heart

Recently one of my girls asked why I don't do those fancy quilts with all the hand stitching anymore like their baby quilts and the answer came easily....TIME!  But that doesn't mean that my heart isn't continually drawn to wanting to do some quilting and I've learned to satisfy that desire with simpler quilts that can more easily be put together and have a bit more heart to them since they seem to be created out of a desire to bless someone.  

Like the lap quilt I stitched together late last fall that centered around a heart and which had the stitches prayed over as I thought about the single mom who was due in the weeks ahead with a baby expected to have complications. 
Praise God for all those who prayed for this baby as the scenario was much better than ever expected.

Or like the lap quilt I stitched together during the winter for a sweet friend adopting a new daughter.  
Somehow a heart got thrown in the middle of the quilt at the last moment as I stitched and prayed for her adoption journey.

Or like my most recent lap quilt put together this spring for a beautiful young bride-to-be whose stress level kept increasing.  
Taking the excess fabric from the sewing done for the reception decorating, a large heart was crafted in the middle.

As I made each stitch, I prayed that she would be reminded of God's great abundant love for her which would provide her perfect peace and rest as she neared her wedding day. 
Each quilt simply sewn with plenty of heart and prayer!  Someday perhaps there will be more time for fancy stitching quilts, but until then I think I'll keep sewing quilts with love!

Thank you to all who have stopped by here to take a glimpse at my quilt.  If you are a quilter and are interested in entering a quilt with its story OR if you'd love to browse through MANY beautiful quilt links,  please stop over to visit Amy at the spring Bloggers Quilt Festival (or click on the link on my sidebar anytime)

Enjoy this beautiful spring day in your garden!

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LaughingLady said...

What wonderful gifts those quilts are! How great must it be to look at it, examining the stitches, and knowing each represents words spoken to God on one's behalf.... wow. Amazing!!

Riel said...

I love the sheer size of that heart! What a statement that quilt makes! Glad I stopped by.

Angela said...

It is just BEAUTIFUL, I envy you quilt makers!


A Garden of Threads said...

The quilts are beautiful, I like the last pink. Have a wonderful weekend.

Suedio said...

A heart, so simple, says so much. What lovely words, too.

Thanks so much for sharing. Regards, Sue

Magnolia Bay Quilts said...

"Fancy" is good, but you can bless more people with your quilts if they're simpler. Love the hearts you put in these!

Carol said...

Your prayer quilts are lovely.

Kimmie said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

Simenesh is loving hers!


MARIKA said...

Very beautiful quilt work !

Shannon w/ Monkey Dog Quitls said...

I love it and what a story too. Sew On!

Randi said...

Love that heart & the story behind it!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Beautiful quilt and a lovely story. Prayer changes things :-)

Eileen said...

sweet quilts and sweet stories. lovely you share you talents that Heavenly Father has given you to bless others' lives. thanks for sharing

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