Wednesday, May 5

May shadows

In the busyness of life, the month of May fluttered into our days with a whisper.  I'm feeling surprised to see it's already the fifth of the month and am reminded that time indeed waits for no one, not even for mothers wanting to treasure particular moments in time.  
As I turned through the pages of my Bible to find the entire psalm, I was blessed to find that the heading for this one was "In the Shadow of Your Wings" and felt the comfort of God's active protection as I read each line.

"Hide me in the shadow of your wings." - Psalm 17:8b

Perhaps the key verse makes more sense in the spring while we watch birds flitter flying around our yard as they work on nest building.  Someday soon there will be little peeping peeking birds in these nests who will feel protected under the shadow of the wings of their parents until they are strengthened and ready to fly.

And my life feels much the same at the moment.  Hidden under the shadow of God's protective wings as storms pass through my life knowing that during this time I am being strengthened through His Word for flight in the days ahead. 

Feeling May storms in your life?  Seek refuge under the shadow of His wings as He will keep you in a place of safety and peace as He nourishes your soul and strengthens your heart as His beloved.  

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