Friday, May 7

think grander

"God is waiting this morning to mark the opening hours, for every ready and willing heart, with a touch of life and power that will lift our lives to higher pleasures and offer to our vision grander horizons of hope and holy service." ~ A.B. Simpson

What a great thought to start your day!  Keeping your eyes focused on beginning your day with God helps to keep your eyes not focused on the, um, inches of snow predicted for later in the day!

Tammy ~@~


Dot O said...

???? 7?? Wow. Today is senior prom day, and I am expecting 12 couples to descend upon my home for pre prom photos tonight.... So glad no snow is predicted here. Just sun and 70. Rain tomorrow, and 60 for Mother's Day, but I'm not complaining. God is good.

Ruth said...

Loved the quote and the thoughts, too! Those blue flowers are beautiful! My first time to see that kind!

May your day be grander than ordinary!

mom said...

Dot! What fun! Are you going to be taking a lot of pictures?

Those flowers are grape hyacinth, Ruth, and only last a blink of an eye around here.

Yes, snow....three to four inches. I knew this weather was too good to be true! At least it won't last long.

Tammy ~@~

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