Friday, June 18

call dad

My husband had an interesting phone call first thing yesterday morning.  Someone had found a cell phone on the ground and called the number saved that made the most  We hadn't heard of a lost cell phone in the family, so an email went out to all of them and the one who had lost it replied that they had already made the contact to get the phone back.

How thankful I am that there are still honest people out there who so willingly do the right thing. This situation also reminded me of all the times I pray for God's protection over my children and the interesting ways He answers.  It's a good reminder of how faithfully God does care for all the little details of our life and the lives of those we love.

It was also nice to know someone automatically called dad.  Dads tend to be reliable sources of information and easily accessible.  Kind of reminds me of our Heavenly Father.  You can call Him whenever you want night or day as He's easily accessible.  He is a reliable source of information for living and will point you to where to find your answers.  Always loving, yet a firm disciplinarian when necessary, especially during those times we *think* we are getting away with something.  Unlike our earthly fathers, this Father does see everything and knows every little detail about us and that will never change His enormous abundant love for us.  He is the King and I'm delighted to be His princess!

So, what's stopping you?  Pick up the phone and call your Father on His heavenly line.  No need for voice mail as He'll pick up on the first ring!

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Ruth said...

Beautiful post, Tammy. Just in time for Father's Day. Very encouraging. Thanks for sharing.

mom said...

Thanks, Ruth! I hadn't even thought about Father's Day being so close when I wrote it :-)

Tammy ~@~

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