Thursday, June 17

the early scents

Took a moment to walk through our wet knee high grass to pick my first peony and first rose.  
The white peonies aren't as scented as the pink ones about to open, but that light pink rose.  Ohhhh, that rose!  I put it in a vase in my bathroom and my girls regularly visit it for a sniff or two.
It ranks right up there with my most favorite scent that came a few weeks earlier....lily of the valley!  I wish they lasted longer, but they come and go so quickly I hardly get but a sniff or two.  

What's scenting up your garden today?

Tammy ~@~


Laura said...

My hydrageas are coming in, and I have a rose bush that produces the most vibrant deep pink roses that smell amazing. Wasn't God good to give us flowers that smell this wonderful? He didn't HAVE to, ya know?

LaughingLady said...

Hmmmmmm, I smell rain and rotting worms...

But in our 5-day window of warmth and sunshine, I did catch a whiff from the lilacs in our windbreak! :)

mom said...

You're right...He didn't have to, but thankfully He did and I think it's just a whisper of heavenly scents to come!

You still have lilacs, Tammi?

Tammy ~@~

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