Tuesday, June 8

the fritter urge

Welcome back from the summer mini blogging break enforced by Blogger!  It was actually kind of nice as I found myself puttering around doing odds and ends around the house instead of vegging on the computer which tends to be my preferred activity when finally having an open free day after a rather busy time.  

May came and went with a swoosh!  June is threatening to do the same thing. Since I annually have a way of frittering away this month as we leave our normal routine of schooling and head into the freedom of summer activities, I am determined NOT to let that happen this year.  As my calendar is filling up and my project list is being made, I am going to number my days and stay on task.  There are projects I want to get done to simplify and open up my time for other tasks which pull at my heart.  

I'm quickly reminded that I often feel like a child with a short attention span as I just glanced away from my computer to look out the window at my garden which seems to have grown by leaps and bounds over the last few days.  Yup, here it comes again.  That old familiar feeling of wanting to fritter away some time while I wander up and down the garden rows.  There really isn't much to do in the garden yet as the rows aren't quite ready to thin and the weeds are few, but that doesn't stop the frittering urge.  Good thing it's cool and cloudy with a chance of rain as that will keep me indoors and on task, otherwise I'd simply be considered hopeless!

May you use your time wisely today, too, keeping your frittering to a minimum!

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