Wednesday, June 30

the garden helper

One of the wonderful blessings of watching my grandchildren for a few days was being able to walk a couple of blocks away to the home of the pastor and wife of the church where my son's family attends.  
Their home is on one of those narrow city blocks of tightly nestled beautiful old homes, but when you slip through the back gate you are welcomed into a beautiful little green flowered area which leads to another little opening.
Once through that opening you'll find a small sandbox area on one side where the kids played for a bit in the shade and a small vegetable garden on the other side which my daughter-in-law has been blessed to plant.

Unfortunately the combination of a heavy rainy weather pattern and a shady plot has not been beneficial to the little garden this summer.  The vegetables that have been successfully grown over the past couple of years have been either washed out or too water logged to survive.  As a gardener, my heart was sad to see the state of the garden.  And yet, the carrot rows were still hanging in there.
And even more amazing was that the tomato plants were doing quite well.  Not only have they had to battle the extreme rains, but they only get a brief time in complete sun when the sun is at a particular point in the sky and can peek over the fence and underneath the boughs of a large tree that tends to cover the garden.  The leaves are a little yellowed from the excess moisture, but I do think that there will be a wonderful blessing of tomatoes in the days ahead.  

Life feels a bit like that for me right now.  There have been plenty of rainy times over the past few months and a storm passing through last night threatened to wash out everything, yet a spot of green growth could be seen which has the hope of growing into a wonderful blessing in the days ahead.  But it will take a lot of Sonshine and some strong fertilization of God's Word.  Fortunately both are readily available!

May your garden have a good balance of rain and sunshine....if not, you know Who has the help you need!  Jesus IS the BEST gardener!

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