Saturday, June 12


While sitting here doing my devotions, I heard a vehicle come up our gravel driveway.  I knew my husband was at church cooking breakfast for the men's gathering, so I had no idea who would be stopping by so early on a Saturday morning.  

Walking into our kitchen, I noticed both dogs silently looking out the kitchen door as they watched the vehicle park by the big work garage (and if you know our dogs, you know it's odd for those two to be quiet whenever anyone comes to our house).  I opened the door for them and they stood on the porch rapidly wagging their tails until the person got out of their vehicle.  Then they happily sprinted across the wide driveway to greet my brother-in-law as he was walking toward the business office.  

He saw them coming and immediately stopped to spend a few minutes to talk to them while he petted and gruffed their fur amidst the tail wagging.  After their time of greeting, he went into the office and the dogs slowly wandered back to the porch pawing on the door to come back in.  

It made me pause for a moment and consider greetability (okay, looks like I've once again made up a new word!).  Some people obviously have it as shown by my dogs who know this person cares about them and will take a few moments to make them smile.  Are there people in your life who make you smile when you see them coming toward you?  People who you know care about you and will take a few minutes of time to greet you?

This time of the year is when I can notice it even more as we have such an influx of tourists and snowbirds who are back for the summer.  When I run my errands it's often typical not to see anyone I know in the busy local stores.  And then....and then I see a familiar face and both of us break out in smiles as we take a few minutes to greet one another.  But it's important to take that greetability a step further as I often see shoppers lost within the grocery store as they try to find things for their weekend excursion.  It's not that difficult to stop for a moment, smile, and then ask them if they need some help finding items (and no, the grocery store doesn't pay me a commission).  That happened again recently when I made a quick stop at the Walgreens to pick up one little thing on my way home from the post office.  An older woman looked lost and I asked if I could help her.  She had been scouring the shelves for Pez refills for her grandchildren who were coming for a visit.  It just took me a few minutes to walk up and down the aisles and find them tucked away not even close to the Pez dispensers.  She beamed as I handed them to her.  Such a small thing, yet such a big thing.

Being approachable.  Having greetability.  Do you have it?   Do those who don't know you recognize it?  Do those who do know you approach you with their tails wagging a smile and perhaps a hug?

Show a little of God's love today in your garden with a little greetability to others!

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stephseef said...

ok. this post made me smile... my mother taught me to make friends in the grocery store by the way she lived her life. :) BUT i'm MOSTLY laughing at the woman lost in Walgreens! There's a Walgreens on EVERY corner in EVERY town and they're all the SAME!! SO funny....

Happy day! Here's to June reunions!


mom said...

Yay for your mom, Steph, as she set a good example for you :-) And since you know your Walgreens, try finding the Pez refills.....hee hee!

And yay for possible June reunions...although my plans keep a'changin'...we'll see :-)

Tammy ~@~

Kim said...


God seems to be nudging me toward being more approachable and adding in some greetablility.
This was a topic in our small group just last week and then I read your post.
Should be an exciting adventure ahead. Thanks for sharing.


mom said...

It will be an exciting adventure, Kim, and does often have a way of taking us out of our comfort zones. However, I don't think you'll ever regret doing it! :-)

Tammy ~@~

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