Wednesday, June 9

an improved dog's life

After noting the sad condition of our dog's thick furry coat which tends to be the standard for her all summer long as she's frolicking in and out of the lake water, rolling in the sandy soil, and developing snarls galore which take forever to comb out, it was definitely time to take action.
We wanted to take our pretty golden retriever/labrador mix and turn her fur into something more summer manageable and comfortable for her and us.
Even her pretty back end with the waggly tail needed some help as she disliked having that fine tangling fur combed out.

Knowing that it would be costly to take her in to a dog groomer, my oldest son  began looking online for pictures and descriptions about trimming up golden retrievers as a possible option.  We developed a plan and out the door we went to call her to the porch.

It didn't take long to realize that the regular hair clippers that we had would NOT work on her long thick hair. We thought perhaps the clippers blades were too dull so we used the new hair clipper that we had bought to replace the old hair clipper which we didn't think we'd want to use again after using them on the dog.  Nope, the new one was not successful either.  On to the other plan.  Scissors clipping.
It took much longer than we expected, but she held so nice and still like a very good dog while two of us scissored away.
In the end we had quite a pile of fur left on the porch.  The birds should be happy to have this fluffy fur for their nests.
I'm guessing a dog groomer would cut her fur much shorter, more evenly, and she'd look more like a labrador like her mother, but at least her long tangling fur is gone and she should stay happier and cooler throughout the summer months with her new fluffy cut which contributed to nicknaming her Baaaa. 
You'll notice we kept her waggly happy tail long :-)

Here's to a new and improved dog's summer life!

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Kathy W. said...

may I suggest that if you don't want to pay for a groomer, next year you invest in a dog clipper? LOL (I think you'd find that not only would it be faster, and not ruin your people stuff, but also would work better!!) (If we lived closer would let you use ours. :-))

mom said...

You know, I considered that but decided that since she was old and my intention is to no longer replace pets as they head heavenly I decided against it. Figure we can scissor cut as needed on this pooch :-)

You know, I have a nearby friend that probably has a pet clippers....hmmm, I should have thought about that earlier, eh? LOL!

Tammy ~@~

Mrs. E. said...

It's been too long since I've spent time reading my favorite blogs. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed catching up with yours and. . . I LOVE all the pictures you've been frequently adding to your posts! Keep it up! :)

mom said...

Thanks for stopping by, Heather! If you're too busy for blog reading it must mean you are busy with family and that is ALWAYS a good thing :-)

Tammy ~@~

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