Wednesday, June 2

mega messy marvelousness

We topped off our past long weekend with time at our family cabin.  The weather was amazingly wonderfully warm and unfortunately the air was full of skeeters (or more commonly known as mosquitoes).  One of the places where the skeeters were mildly deterred was by the smoky campfire which tends to be one of our family's favorite places to hang out and chat.  The campfire was enhanced by some mega gigantic white and pink marshmallows that my oldest daughter brought along and which of course we had to attempt in our classic smores.
What fun to squish these melty mega marshmallows in between the graham crackers and watch the chocolate disappear somewhere in the mess.  And mess it was as both little and big had plenty of marshmallow licking to do off faces and fingers!  YUM!

May all your messes be sweet in your garden today!

Tammy ~@~


LaughingLady said...

What a cutie!! Sounds like a great weekend! (Ugh, the skeeters are gonna be BAD around here very soon ~ all this stinkin' rain we've had over the last two weeks has left FAR too many "nurseries" in low-lying areas!!)

Hey, speaking of s'mores..... look what I found while blog-surfing this morning: S'more Stuffed Brownies!!

LaughingLady said...

PS. You can thank me for the weight-gain tomorrow, once the pan is empty!!

Tina said...

We had company this weekend and they brought MEGA White marshmallows. . NEVER saw them before, but the are AWESOME :) and very messy LOL I am glad you got to have pink ones :)


mom said... Those brownie look sooooo easy and soooo deadly to my waistline! Good thing our wedding is over and I can now, um, taste test such a recipe! LOL!

Tina, the pink megas were strawberry flavored. ALL the megas were MESSY to the extreme! LOL! I've never seen them around here either so perhaps I'll be safe for the rest of the summer....

Tammy ~@~

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