Tuesday, June 1

a private concert

We are back home after a long busy wedding weekend followed by an extended day or two at our family cabin.  Sooooo much to think about.  Sooooo much to unpack and put away.  Sooooo much to consider for the days and weeks ahead as summer has arrived.

But in the meantime, can I share one of the many highlights of the wedding?  My daughter-in-law was the pianist and also filled in as one of the singers when one of the bride's friends was unable to attend the wedding due to a death in her family. 
Late on Saturday morning while the bridal party was busy with a host of things in their rooms at the church, she was busy playing through all the music for the wedding.  I was blessed to walk in to the sanctuary as she was playing and listen to what felt like a private concert.  The music flowing through the room was prelude music which I would not be able to hear since I would be in the girls' room during that time, so I sat and closed my eyes and listened for a few moments.
Ahhhh, some of my favorite music!  From Pride and Prejudice, of course!  Simply wonderful!

May you enjoy beautiful music in your garden!

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